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Circuit optimization for digital circuits.  John Peter Stevenson, Stanford.

LargeRegFile is a matrix representing an optimization problem.
Specifically, it is a geometric program, a kind of convex optimization
problem.  The matrix entries are the exponents found in the geometric
program constraints; specifically, this matrix is a portion of the
input required by mskexpopt:

This matrix represents a digital circuit.  The circuit is a large
register file: 256 registers, 64 bits each, 2 read ports, 1 write port.
The optimization problem is to minimize circuit delay, subject to
constraints on energy cost and area cost. The optimization variables
are the transistor size, the supply voltage, and the threshold voltage.
The circuit optimization method is described by Patil, et. al.: Robust
energy-efficient adder topologies. In ARITH07: Proceedings of the 18th
IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, pages 16-28, Washington, DC,
USA, 2007. IEEE Computer Society.
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