Pajek network: World Soccer, Paris 1998
Name football
Group Pajek
Matrix ID 1474
Num Rows 35
Num Cols 35
Nonzeros 118
Pattern Entries 118
Kind Directed Weighted Graph
Symmetric No
Date 1998
Author L. Krempel
Editor V. Batagelj
Structural Rank
Structural Rank Full
Num Dmperm Blocks
Strongly Connect Components 35
Num Explicit Zeros 0
Pattern Symmetry 0%
Numeric Symmetry 0%
Cholesky Candidate no
Positive Definite no
Type integer
SVD Statistics
Matrix Norm 2.303855e+01
Minimum Singular Value 0
Condition Number Inf
Rank 19
Null Space Dimension 16
Full Numerical Rank? no
Download Singular Values MATLAB
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Pajek network converted to sparse adjacency matrix for inclusion in UF sparse 
matrix collection, Tim Davis.  For Pajek datasets, See V. Batagelj & A. Mrvar,                                
The original problem had 3D xyz coordinates, but all values of z were equal   
to 0.5, and have been removed.  This graph has 2D coordinates.