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Document similarity graph for MIS articles, including metadata

KnowledgeMap -- Visualizing Invisible Networks of Knowledge
in a Scientific Discipline, by M. Moqri, Univ of Florida,
Warrington College of Business Administration.

This undirected wieghted graph describes the similarities
between a set of 2427 articles.  A(i,j) is 0 if articles
i and j are not similar at all, 1 if they are extremely
similar.  The similarity metric is based on LSA, co-citation,
and bibliographic coupling of the articles.  Information
about each node is as follows:

label: the title of the document                    (text)
year: year published (ranges from 2005 to 2014)     (number)
source: journal                                     (text)
authors: list of authors                            (text)
keywords: list of keywords separated by semicolons  (text)
topics: list of keywords separated by semicolons    (text)
abstract:                                           (text)
times cited:                                        (number)
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