circuit simulation matrix from Freescale
Name Freescale2
Group Freescale
Matrix ID 2662
Num Rows 2,999,349
Num Cols 2,999,349
Nonzeros 14,313,235
Pattern Entries 23,042,677
Kind Circuit Simulation Matrix
Symmetric No
Date 2015
Author K. Gullapalli
Editor T. Davis
Structural Rank 2,999,349
Structural Rank Full true
Num Dmperm Blocks 608,917
Strongly Connect Components 608,915
Num Explicit Zeros 8,729,442
Pattern Symmetry 98.5%
Numeric Symmetry 56%
Cholesky Candidate no
Positive Definite no
Type real
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Circuit simulation matrix from Kiran Gullapalli, Freescale.
This is a DC matrix with lots of explicit zero entries.    
In subsequent iterations, many of the explicit zero entries
become nonzero.