MAWI Working Group Traffic Archive: graph 201512020000
Name mawi_201512020000
Group MAWI
Matrix ID 2801
Num Rows 35,991,342
Num Cols 35,991,342
Nonzeros 74,485,420
Pattern Entries 74,485,420
Kind Undirected Weighted Graph
Symmetric Yes
Date 2015
Author MAWI
Editor MIT
Structural Rank
Structural Rank Full
Num Dmperm Blocks
Strongly Connect Components 746,178
Num Explicit Zeros 0
Pattern Symmetry 100%
Numeric Symmetry 100%
Cholesky Candidate no
Positive Definite no
Type integer
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MAWI Working Group Traffic Archive (   
The MAWI (Measurement and Analysis on the WIDE Internet) Working     
Group is a working group that has carried out network traffic        
measurement, analysis, evaluation, and verification from the         
beginning of the WIDE Project. The graphs provided here were         
generated from packet trace data from the WIDE backbone maintained by
the MAWI Working Group.                                              
MAWI Datasets: Name, link, and Description                           
Graph 1 Num. vertices :  18571154, Edge count :  38040320             
    in 2018 GraphChallenge: 201512012345.v18571154_e38040320.tsv.gz  
    in the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection: MAWI/mawi_201512012345     
Graph 2 Num. vertices :  35991342, Edge count :  74485420             
    in 2018 GraphChallenge: 201512020000.v35991342_e74485420.tsv.gz  
    in the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection: MAWI/mawi_201512020000     
Graph 3 Num. vertices :  68863315, Edge count : 143414960             
    in 2018 GraphChallenge: 201512020030.v68863315_e143414960.tsv.gz 
    in the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection: MAWI/mawi_201512020030     
Graph 4 Num. vertices : 128568730, Edge count : 270234840             
    in 2018 GraphChallenge: 201512020130.v128568730_e270234840.tsv.gz
    in the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection: MAWI/mawi_201512020130     
Graph 5 Num. vertices : 226196185, Edge count : 480047894             
    in 2018 GraphChallenge: 201512020330.v226196185_e480047894.tsv.gz
    in the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection: MAWI/mawi_201512020330     
These matrices appear in the 2018 GraphChallenge:                    
MAWILab is a database that assists researchers to evaluate their     
traffic anomaly detection methods. It consists of a set of labels    
locating traffic anomalies in the MAWI archive (samplepoints B and   
F). The labels are obtained using an advanced graph-based methodology
that compares and combines different and independent anomaly         
detectors. The data set is daily updated to include new traffic from 
upcoming applications and anomalies.                                 
You may use WIDE traffic data for only research purposes. Actions    
that trespass upon users' privacy are prohibited.                    
Guidelines for protecting user privacy in WIDE traffic archive:                            
In the 2018 GraphChallenge data set (and thus also in the SuiteSparse
Matrix Collection), only the connectivity of the graph is provided,  
with no user information at all on the nodes or edges.  Privacy      
guidelines are thus met.                                             
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MAWI data set imported into the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection on July
2018, from the 2018 GraphChallenge data set