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Sparse matrices from real applications are critical to the development of sparse matrix algorithms. Many sparse matrix algorithm developers use the matrices at this site to test their methods. If you would like the next generation of sparse matrix methods to work well on matrices from your problem domain, then please submit matrices to the Collection by filling out the form below.

Please include details about the matrix. In particular, include a paragraph or more about the problem the matrix represents. Include any citations: journal articles, web pages, conference papers, books, etc that give more details. You cannot include this description in the form, so please include it an uploaded file, or email it to me at

Use any reasonable format; just tell me what you use. I prefer either the Matrix Market format, or a MATLAB *.mat file.

Another simple method is the triplet format. The triplet format is a simple ASCII file with nz lines; each line contains a row index, column index, and numerical value of one entry in the matrix (two values for a complex matrix, the real part followed by the imaginary part). Duplicates are acceptable - these are summed in the output matrix. The triplets can be in any order. If the matrix dimension cannot be inferred from the row and column indices, please tell me what they are in another file or email message.

If you wish to include other data (right-hand sides, solutions, cost vector c for a linear programming problem, and so on), use a separate file for each matrix in your problem. A dense vector of length n should appear as a file with n lines, and one entry per line (or use the Matrix Market format for dense matrices). Right-hand sides are particularly important for testing iterative solvers for sparse linear systems.

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