Power flow Jacobian for a synthetic 10,000-bus power grid
Group TAMU_SmartGridCenter
Matrix ID 2828
Num Rows 20,000
Num Cols 20,000
Nonzeros 135,888
Pattern Entries 137,736
Kind Power Network Problem
Symmetric No
Date 2018
Author A. B. Birchfield, T. J. Overbye
Editor T. Davis
Structural Rank 20,000
Structural Rank Full true
Num Dmperm Blocks 585
Strongly Connect Components 585
Num Explicit Zeros 1,848
Pattern Symmetry 100%
Numeric Symmetry 2.3%
Cholesky Candidate no
Positive Definite no
Type real
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Texas A&M Smart Grid Center: synthetic (yet realistic) power system grids 
Group name: TAMU_SmartGridCenter                                          
Synthetic electric grid models are fictitious representations that are    
designed to be statistically and functionally similar to actual electric  
grids while containing no confidential critical energy infrastructure     
information (CEII).  Some of these cases were developed with the support  
of the U.S. DOE ARPA-E Grid Data program; their support is gratefully     
For more information and full datasets, see:                              
A. B. Birchfield; T. Xu; K. M. Gegner; K. S. Shetye; T. J. Overbye, "Grid 
Structural Characteristics as Validation Criteria for Synthetic Networks,"
in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 32, no. 4, pp. 3258-3265, July
A. B. Birchfield, E. Schweitzer, H. Athari, T. Xu, T. J. Overbye, A.      
Scaglione, and Z.Wang, "Validation metrics to assess the realism of       
synthetic power grids," Energies, vol. 10, no. 8, p. 1233, Aug. 2017.     
A. B. Birchfield, T. Xu, and T. J. Overbye, "Power flow convergence and   
reactive power planning in the creation of large synthetic grids," in IEEE
Transactions on Power Systems, 2018.                                      
Matrix: TAMU_SmartGridCenter/ACTIVSg10K                                   
Title: Power flow Jacobian for a synthetic 10,000-bus power grid          
ACTIVSg10K is a 10,000-bus power system dataset that is entirely          
synthetic, built from public information and a statistical analysis of    
real power systems.  Its geographic footprint is the Western United       
States, but it bears no relation to any actual grid, except that          
generation and load profiles are similar, based on public data. This      
matrix is the power flow Jacobian for the peak planning operating point.  
The full dataset can be downloaded at: