American football games between Div IA colleges, Fall 2000
Name football
Group Newman
Matrix ID 2397
Num Rows 115
Num Cols 115
Nonzeros 1,226
Pattern Entries 1,226
Kind Undirected Multigraph
Symmetric Yes
Date 2002
Author M. Girvan, M. Newman
Editor M. Newman
Structural Rank
Structural Rank Full
Num Dmperm Blocks
Strongly Connect Components 1
Num Explicit Zeros 0
Pattern Symmetry 100%
Numeric Symmetry 100%
Cholesky Candidate no
Positive Definite no
Type integer
SVD Statistics
Matrix Norm 1.083301e+01
Minimum Singular Value 2.900067e-02
Condition Number 3.735435e+02
Rank 115
Null Space Dimension 0
Full Numerical Rank? yes
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Network collection from M. Newman                                                            
The graph football contains the network of American football games       
between Division IA colleges during regular season Fall 2000, as compiled
by M. Girvan and M. Newman.  The nodes have values that indicate to which
conferences they belong.  The values are as follows:                     
  0 = Atlantic Coast                                                     
  1 = Big East                                                           
  2 = Big Ten                                                            
  3 = Big Twelve                                                         
  4 = Conference USA                                                     
  5 = Independents                                                       
  6 = Mid-American                                                       
  7 = Mountain West                                                      
  8 = Pacific Ten                                                        
  9 = Southeastern                                                       
 10 = Sun Belt                                                           
 11 = Western Athletic                                                   
If you make use of these data, please cite M. Girvan and M. E. J. Newman,
Community structure in social and biological networks,                   
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99, 7821-7826 (2002).